<Economists Say Beautiful People Are Happier

Economists Say Beautiful People Are Happier

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The concept of beauty

The concept of beauty covers all facets in our body, basically the mind and body. Individuals are now much more conscious with the way they feel and look, in and out. After a long week at work, we would organize a spa or salon day during weekends. It is the only period when we could relax and pamper ourselves for another long week ahead. Parlor companies have evolved over time and are kept updated to cater the needs of every client. Much more gorgeous trends happen to be offered to maintain your big list of services for more methods to earn money. Find out how new salon equipment can regulate your business and keep up with the most recent trends. The beauty industry is big business. Beauty companies have poured untold billions into their existing infrastructure. And they have built that infrastructure around marketing to women. They have a lucrative business model in place, and they really, really don’t want to have to mess with it. So they’re hoping that they won’t have to change it—that they can change you instead. They figure that if they can convince you to develop feminine sensitivities, embrace feminine products, feminine skin care regimens and a feminine purchasing environment, they can pretty much keep doing exactly what they’ve been doing – while doubling their market share.

When it comes to vitamins, take a two-pronged approach. Eat well to be healthy inside and apply externally to restore the exterior strength and beauty,” says Celeste Hilling, founder and CEO of Skin Authority. Vitamin A, which reduces wrinkles, firms skin and protects against UV radiation, is found in sweet potatoes, carrots, green tea and broccoli. Vitamin C — a cofactor in producing collagen for tighter skin — boosts UV protection when worn under sunscreen. Foods rich in C include oranges, broccoli, cantaloupe and tomatoes. And vitamin D (found in salmon, tuna, mushrooms and egg yolks) can help improve skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and heavy wrinkling.

Generally happy

They say those who are beautiful are generally happy. Beauty is connoted with the good, the pleasing and the positive. Through beauty therapy, a woman’s beauty becomes radiant. Looking good usually entails feeling good thereby boosting a person’s confidence that consequently adds to her enthusiasm in life. When resorting to beauty therapy as a regimen, the skin is essentially moisturized and discomforting skin problems are healed. Not only that. Different natural oils employed in beauty therapy also serve to give a woman healthy and vibrant hair. Shampoos and conditioners used in beauty therapy are usually first-rate and effectual with a significant proportion of the ingredients derived from nature.

Makeup consultant

Teens don’t often consult Mom about makeup, hair coloring or any other beauty topics, probably because they think Mom is back in the dark ages and have no concept of what’s in style. This makes the beauty blogs an especially good resource. The professional beauty blogger has the scoop on what’s popular with every age group and often caters to younger visitors. Teens who take advantage of the beauty advice and secrets available on such blogs might well surprise Mom with their expertise in beauty products.


Ranking products

When ranking products, we took into consideration the following: the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep score (when available), animal testing, eco-friendliness and, of course, our own test results. Here’s the good news: The green beauty market plays a competitive game. These days, nontoxic makeup performs better than most conventional brands, so this makes the search quite easy as well. Base the analysis of the makeup performance on your skin type and how the product wears and (of course) looks on the skin,” advises Anne Nelson Sanford, perfumer and founder of LURKbeauty. Here’s the roundup of our favorite green beauty performers.

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