<Healthy, organic food. What you need to know?

Healthy, organic food. What you need to know?

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2018)

We started the week with our healthy post from the hand of our coach Josep, and we have already seen exercises and today we continue talking about food.

Josep talked about organic food, since I was not accustomed to that type of food and thanks to him I have known its benefits.

comida orgánica

1. Sn more nutritious, many studies have shown that organic foods may have more nutrient levels than conventional ones.

2. Improves fertility in couples, many pesticides used in traditional crops affect the fertility of men and women.

3. They improve the immune system, strengthen us and make it difficult to get diseases. In addition, chemicals used in conventional agriculture, can affect the hormonal system caused overweight.

4. They have known effects. Unlike organic foods, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or transgenics are relatively recent and there are few studies that show their long-term effects on humans.

5. They are sustainable, their cultivation bet by a circular cycle of production, sustainable in the time and friendly with the environment.

Spain is one of the largest manufacturers of ecological products in Europe. According to the report “Organic Agriculture, statistics 2015”, has the largest area devoted to organic farming. However, most organic foods are exported and, therefore, not consumed in our country.

First of all, to put ourselves in situation we must know that it is an organic food or also known as eco, biological or bio food. Well it is one that is made from natural ingredients and respectful of the environment.

An organic product will always be identified with the European Union seal. This should be present in fresh or bulk products, such as organic fruit and vegetables, as well as in boxes of these foods. Each Spanish autonomous community usually has its own seal, so it will be very easy to recognize.

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